About me

My name is Yulia Lo Bosco – I’m a Russian national but have lived in Germany for 17 years before moving to Mauritius in 2017, I speak Russian, German and English – I also know how to say  “point your toes” in French 🙂 I started pole fitness in 2012 and I’m passionate about it! I had always been a gym addict but was amazed at how this new exercise improved my strength, body tone and flexibility – and it was fun to do!

I spent all my spare time poling, at first attending studios in Cologne Germany, then I bought my first titanium pole and later my beloved powder coated pink 40mm X pole.  I realised it was my passion and wanted to instruct so I enrolled for the only worldwide recognised XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness course in 2017 which is the recognised instructor accreditation. A move to Mauritius later in the year gave me the opportunity to establish my own pole studio which is a dream realised. In early 2018 I completed Basic Pole Acrobatics teacher training by Kristina Dumanskaya, the judge of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) and later in the year I completed the Advanced Pole Acrobatics teaching course. I opened my first studio in Beau Bassin in May 2018 (Studio Centre). Later in 2019 I completed 3 more teaching courses: Stretching and Flexibility instructor course, Improvisation course and Exotic Dance course. In March 2018 I opened my second studio – Studio West in Black River.

As a certified polefitness instructor I teach with passion, using my skills and knowledge and a genuine desire to share the joy of this wonderful sport. I am a master of safe ways to teach, avoiding injuries, and using my own training experience of the last 6 years. I have an in depth knowledge of spotting techniques and the skills necessary to ensure participants of all fitness levels experience a safe and effective workout in my classes. This means that I can accurately assess your progress and rapidly correct and improve your technique, facilitating faster results. It’s a real pleasure to see my students develop and progress.


About the Studio

Lo Bosco Pole Studio Center is situated on the top floor of the Windsor Complex in Beau Bassin (Jumbo Supermarket is at the entrance level). Go up 2 flights of stairs and around the corner to the left, the studio is on the left. The studio has a small reception desk and seating / storage area, toilet and changing facilities are adjacent. The studio is air conditioned with coloured lighting, music, and wall mirrors to set the mood and let you see your smooth moves!  The 6  3+ metre X poles are a variety of 40 and 45mm brass and 1 pink powder coated 45mm. Stretching mats, yoga blocks and crash mats are all provided. Technical accessories such as chalk, grip and knee pads as well as pole wear are available to buy. Parking is provided at the entrance level and also in the underground car park. Many busses pass directly outside. The complex has 24 hour security and surveillance video.

Lo Bosco Studio West is located in Black River, Riverview Commercial Center , Emma‘s Studio.