We always start barefooted with a warm-up on a yoga mat. Then depending on the class, we put on our heels (or stay barefoot) and get ready for the fun to begin!  Each class consists of a warm up, warm up with a pole, pole tricks instruction and ends with a small conditioning workout off pole. Classes last 1 hour - please be on time!

A combined class lasts 1.5 hours.


Pole Fit

Level 1

My level 1 classes are for first-timers. You will learn the first basic moves and spins, get your first upside-down moves and at the end of the level master three combos incl. a few moves and spins, that you will be able to perform not only for your “check” but also to your family and friends. In this level you will build your first strength to move to the beginner level.

At the end of level 1 your teacher will tell you if you are able to move up to level 2.

Level 2

Expand on the pole skills gained in level 1 and learn more complex combinations and pole tricks. Strengthen your foundation moves and learn fashion moves from Instagram. In this level we work in cycles, changing between 7 different groups of pole moves, that means you get a new plan of the tricks, spins and combinations every week.



Improve your strength and flexibility. We are working on active flexibility to enhance your poling. The exercises  are based on yoga and pilates stretching techniques, combined with intense splits stretching. We are working at our middle and side splits and backbending.

The perfect class to complement your Pole Fit classes. Suitable also for non-Poler.


Pole Conditioning

In this class we work on strength and conditioning on the pole, improving the grip strength, getting core and abs stronger, building strength and stamina. Pole conditioning will probably accelerate your progress  and improve your capability on the pole. Suitable for all levels.


Pole Exotic

Learn the basics of sexy pole choreography combining pole tricks, spins and floor work in a sexy routine. We learn a new routine every week, so that you can build up to a  perfect exotic performance. Suitable for all levels. Bring heels and kneepads (available to buy in the studio).


Pole Jam

Pole practice is a lot of fun together! Practice your pole skills in pole jam hours. You can use all facilities of the Studio. Free for members. 800 Rs for non members.