Member Status
(classes per week)
Single Session Pole (1 Pole)2000 Rs
Single Session Stretching (1 Stretching) 1000 Rs
Double Session (1 pole & 1 stretching) 2800 Rs
Triple Session (2 pole & 1 stretching)3200 Rs
Quad Session (2 pole & 2 stretching)4000 Rs
Ninja (3 pole + 3 Stretching) 5000 Rs

All packages are available as a “traveller option” (classes can be taken at any time during the month). This option is particularly suitable for people who travel often and can not commit to a weekly schedule.

The first trial is 500 Rs (Pole) & 250 Rs (Stretching)

The one time enrolment fee is 2000 Rs.

The member contract is 6 months (you can switch between members status every month according to your plans, wishes and time).

For those who don’t want to sign a member contract I offer Drop-in classes :

4 x Pole classes – 2800

4x Stretching classes – 1200 Rs

Refunds, Transfers and Missed Classes

Classes must be booked online ( A space in the class is confirmed only by booking online. Transfers, cancellations and catch up class bookings must be done online.
Refunds for cancelled classes will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and at the sole discretion of Yulia Lo Bosco.

Transfers are allowed within the same week or calendar month subject to a minimum 6 hours notice.

If a Member misses a class, he / she can catch up a missed class within the same month or within 1 week for single or double session members or 2 weeks for triple session or more, if the missed class is in the last week of a month. The missed class must be cancelled at least 6h in advance to entitle the member to a catch up session. A place in a catch up class can not be guaranteed, but can be booked online.